A feline-like race. A Kijini looks an awful lot like a human, except they have cat-like ears and a tail where a human doesn't, and have a slightly shorter lifespan. It is said that there were no Kijin in Archaeia until the great Aquafall that destroyed the old capital of Jihan happened. A Kijini can come from different areas of Archaiea; the further away from their original territory (Fel), the more opulent and lazy they are as they tend to live amicably with humans, and trade well enough to earn profitably. Stereotypically, this kind of Kijini is selfish but smart. Closer to Fel or directly in Fel, the Kijin communities tend to grow more haggard and stray-like, with little education, higher rates of crime (both within a Kijin community and with humans) and low standards of living. This kind of Kijini is stereotypically more street-wise than educated, with difficult childhoods and broken trust in authority. Two Kijin from different backgrounds, as such, may not get along very well. No matter where a Kijini comes from, however, a Kijini is proud.
The Kijin get along fine with all races except for the Danrir. The Kijin tend to despise the Danrir due to a long-standing territorial conflict over the land between Fel and Nines. The root of this conflict has been somewhat forgotten over the centuries, with only a few myths here and there that claim different reasons. If you are a Kijini, it is likely whatever myths you heard growing up told tale of evil, brutish and stupid Danrir that pillaged the land for no reason other than for mindless violence.
Kijin tend to really like fish as their main source of food, so many of the settlements are close to the few pools or Lapia Oak Caverns in Archaeia. They are also far superior than other races in their ability to catch fish and also farm them.

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