Comic 077 - I have a strange feelin'...

8th Jul 2013, 1:00 AM in Chapter One
077 - I have a strange feelin'...
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rufiangel 8th Jul 2013, 1:00 AM edit delete
Thanks guys so much on the feedback regarding black and white versus colour! It really helps me understand how the readers view the comic. :D

I am currently working on revamping the colouring style to try and make more time for me to actually produce content. Once you guys check out the new colouring style (from chapter two onwards) I'd appreciate further feedback then.

Thanks again!! I super appreciate it. <3 ^^
JustNoPoint 9th Jul 2013, 10:47 AM edit delete reply
What tools/programs do you use to color? Perhaps I can share my methods if your methods are different to help you speed up coloring a bit?
rufiangel 9th Jul 2013, 12:25 PM edit delete reply
Thanks for the offer, that's really nice of you!! O_O

I use Photoshop, and I'm actually experimenting around with a new colouring style already with strips that are yet to be uploaded. (Buffer~) It's much simpler and uses a single shade instead of multiple ones, and I'm not using highlights at all. I'm still getting used to it but once I am, I think this will produce strips at a much faster rate. :)

The biggest pain when it comes to colours is actually laying down the flats, in my opinion. I sometimes just want to look at my inks and yell BE COLOURED and have all the flats magically fall in place. But that's just me being lazy, and spending time to put down the flats is unavoidable so I'll just suck it up. XD;;

Anyway thank you for offering! <3 :)
JustNoPoint 9th Jul 2013, 9:23 PM edit delete reply
What's your current method for flats?

Here's mine.
Make a layer below the ink. Use the pencil tool with (I use red) to connect all the holes in the linework.
I am assuming that you have your panels on a different layer. Only have your ink layer and the layer below it active for this. So you should have a big hole where these images connect to the panel boarders. You'll draw a red line closing these gaps too.

For clarity when I make my next page I'll save this process for you to see. I hope it is making sense now.

So after you're pretty certain you don't have any holes between the inks and flat layer you're making get the magic wand tool.

Check "Sample all layers" and "Contiguous" and start selecting all the areas OUTSIDE of the characters.

Again, I am assuming you draw your backgrounds etc on separate layers. This only works if just your inks are on 1 layer.

Be sure to get the little open spots like in panel 2 there are several small openings because of the girl's hair.
And in panel 2 the guy's fingers.

Once all characters are surrounded by selection you're done with this step.

If you deal with antialias you will want to expand your selection by a few pixels. I draw in a huge canvas so I expand by 7. Find a number that works for you so that the selection goes into the ink but not into the inside of the characters.

Now invert the selection and your characters are selected. Use the fill tool to fill the area with red.

Now you can deselect and make sure all areas of the characters are colored red. Adjust as needed.

I generally keep this layer and copy it. Hiding it in case I need it again later.

Now it's time for flats. Make sure to lock this layer so you cannot go outside the red. For larger areas like the hat you can use fill tool on the flat layer. Set the tolerance up to a level that will prevent antialias. 150 seems to work for me.

"Sample all Layers" and "Contiguus" for your fill tool

Now use it to color areas without a lot of lines in it. Most of your art is pretty clean and lines are connected well to prevent flooding out of color.

For something like her sword you can take the color for the handle and draw a line separating it from the Gold parts. You don't have to go all around it. Just 1 line across the top and bottom (I say top and bottom by using panel 2. The top has gold and then there is gold below the handle as well)

So you drew 2 lines using the handle's base color. Now turn down your tolerance to 0 and uncheck "Sample all layers"

Fill tool the handle. It should be flatted now.

Using this method should make flats extremely quicker.

Maybe I should make a tutorial of my methods with pictures =p

I hope this is helpful. It should reduce the amount of time needed with the pencil tool.
rufiangel 11th Jul 2013, 9:18 PM edit delete reply
Homg I just typed a super long answer and it didn't go through and I lost it sfdlksdfuoefn T_T;;;;;;

Okay first of all: thank you so for being so willing and patient to teach me something new! Your method looks so much more sophisticated than what I usually do, and I appreciate the new insights!

Secondly: I think a part of the reason my flats take long is because of I'm a bit anal. I tend to make sure every pixel is coloured within the lines, even when the fact is that when you zoom out and resize there is no difference whether you colour it in to the edge/corner/strand or not. So I think rather than process, the time consuming factor is my brain. XD;;

I'll have to give your tutorial a shot! Thank you~~~! *cookies for you!* <3