Comic 557 - Sever Bonds

19th Feb 2018, 11:20 PM in Chapter Eight
557 - Sever Bonds
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rufiangel 19th Feb 2018, 11:20 PM edit delete
Hey folks, I'm back with a page! Sorry that this took so long, I always, always underestimate the effects travelling has on me and my schedule -v-;;; it just takes a long time for me to get back into the saddle, as comic-ing just suddenly takes an age and a half longer than it normally would.

I know this isn't the most ideal page to keep on for a whole week, but I'm going to push the next update to next Monday because I think I need the time for setting up my files for the next few pages to wrap up Chapter 8 without any bumps down the road. There isn't too much left to go! :)

In the meantime, I'd like to share some pretty spanking awesome fanart I got for SF quite some time back that I didn't have the time to share:

The wonderful Kat (who you can find on tumblr!) sent this fantastic Gareth fanart that I'm still fawning over, because omigoshhh it's SO PURDY <3


I love it so <333 lookit dat hair! XD Thank you so much Kat! :D

I also received this amazing gift art from the super talented S.A., who creates the crazy (and brilliant) dark fantasy webcomic Wingless, The Dovecote Princess:


I seriously love everything about this piece ;v;*** thank you SO much S.A., and if you haven't checked out Wingless yet, I high recommend it! -v-)b

Alright that's enough outta me! Thanks everyone for your incredible patience with me and the hiccups in the schedule; kindly bear with me just a little longer as I try to steer this boat of a chapter back on course and dock it nice and easy. -v-*)7

Thanks for reading, and see you guys next week!

mjkj 19th Feb 2018, 11:25 PM edit delete reply
Yayyyy, Updaaaateee

Welcome back, Rufi <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Happy new (chinese) year =)

@ comic: I hope it worked =S

...pretty hands - hope you did not hurt Mikey's... =S (that looks like the scroll hits through his hand...) =P

@fanart: wow, so great <3
rufiangel 27th Feb 2018, 4:22 PM edit delete reply
Thank you Mjkj! It was indeed a good holiday :D

And thanks about the hands XD they are one of my favourite things to draw in general lol (and no worries, no hands were hurt in the drawing of this strip :P)

And yes, SF is blessed with awesome fanarts and even awesomer fanartists ;v;* <3
Robert 20th Feb 2018, 1:34 AM edit delete reply
Proving that she is un-bound. Surely it can't be about things that are put together, because she wears clothes...

Wait, why are her parents crying. Crud, now I feel like a jerk. This wasn't supposed to be about marriage woes. Drat it all!

*Yep, having fun being silly at her expense. Poor thing...*
rufiangel 27th Feb 2018, 4:23 PM edit delete reply
I stared at this comment uncomprehendingly for some time.

... I am still doing that XD;;;; sorry Robert lol
MST3KFan 20th Feb 2018, 1:41 AM edit delete reply
Welcome back, rufi!

Sudden magic pyramid!
rufiangel 27th Feb 2018, 4:24 PM edit delete reply
Thanks MST3K :D

Poof! It's like magic! :P
Proxy170 20th Feb 2018, 2:25 AM edit delete reply
Welcome back! I too have been struggling to keep up, and a buffer is the only reason I didn't stop updates too XD Hope your trip was fun!
rufiangel 27th Feb 2018, 4:27 PM edit delete reply
Buffer is golden, I really need to make some of that dangit XD;;

The trip was absolutely a blast though, thank you! <3 :D I'm so grateful I was able to go. <3
Gilrandir 20th Feb 2018, 5:32 AM edit delete reply
You mean this whole time Ellis' grand plan has been nothing more than a pyramid scheme? ^_^
mjkj 21st Feb 2018, 7:41 PM edit delete reply
*lol* ...and now let's see if the snowballing works... =P
DLKmusic 22nd Feb 2018, 9:29 AM edit delete reply
Wow, Gil, that was... "Illuminating" ^_^
Gilrandir 22nd Feb 2018, 10:10 AM edit delete reply
It isn't really a huge pyramidal construct of solid magic, no matter what you may think it looks like. ... It's just a Brick of the Light. ^_^
Allzephyr 20th Feb 2018, 10:17 AM edit delete reply
rufiangel 27th Feb 2018, 4:31 PM edit delete reply
Why, thank you Zeph :D <3
Crestlinger 20th Feb 2018, 12:31 PM edit delete reply
Fancy -work all around.
(artwork, fist work, scrollwork, footwork, etc.)
rufiangel 27th Feb 2018, 4:55 PM edit delete reply
XD Thank you Crestlinger lol <3 I'm glad to know it all came out fancy! :P
KAM 20th Feb 2018, 5:13 PM edit delete reply
megados 20th Feb 2018, 9:42 PM edit delete reply
Good job getting the wards activated! Looks like they're gonna get Speedcaster out of there?

You didn't come back empty handed, rufiangel! :D Good stuff here!
rufiangel 27th Feb 2018, 5:01 PM edit delete reply
There was but a minor hiccup, the ward team did their job :D

And thank you megados! >_<*)/ I am glad to be able to update again, though it'll be a couple weeks before I'm back in the saddle proper -v-)a
Matt Knab 23rd Feb 2018, 6:37 AM edit delete reply
Matt Knab
Now everyone walk away in formation without looking back for the cool factor. XD
The Accidental Ninja 25th Feb 2018, 6:25 AM edit delete reply
The Accidental Ninja
re: alt-text: lol xDD
*gazes up at the other fanart* wow... it's so pretty... *-*

(welcome baaack I hope you've gotten over jet-lag by now :D )

rufiangel 27th Feb 2018, 5:05 PM edit delete reply
I'm glad you appreciate my punart ;D

All the fanarts be super pretty, SF is so super blessed ;v;***)/ <3

(Not gonna lie it took me over a week to get over the jet-lag XD but I'm over it now! <3 thank you)

((so close, I promise))