Comic 291 - You're such a pain

4th Feb 2015, 6:00 PM in Chapter Five
291 - You're such a pain
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rufiangel 4th Feb 2015, 6:00 PM edit delete
Happy Wednesday! Hope you've been having a good week so far. :)

Cici did this amazingly hilarious rescript for this particular page (I need to make a separate section in the gallery just to house stuff like this XD) - you can find it in the Disqus comments from yesterday if they don't load on today's post (because Disqus is demented like that).

I just finished a crossover V-Day thing, by the way, that you guys will see on V-Day when the crossover exchange begins showcasing stuff. It'll be a whole lot of fun lovey-dovey stuff across the board between a lot of ComicFury webcomics and awesome artists, so please look forward to it! :D

image (Please click to go to the DA journal entry that describes this in more detail :)

Jarvi 4th Feb 2015, 6:16 PM edit delete reply
You are a sweetheart Cain :)
And omg this Renault's little face on the bottom panel ^^ Luv ya, cute merchant bad guy in disguise <3
rufiangel 4th Feb 2015, 9:24 PM edit delete reply
:D ehehehe~

I'm happy you like the little face XD it's my way of getting away with not drawing them full-form lol XD
mjkj 4th Feb 2015, 8:10 PM edit delete reply
Hmmm, I think Nemi will vote against freeloading merchant...

...after he busted her like that and is so fishy...
rufiangel 4th Feb 2015, 9:25 PM edit delete reply
Hahaha, I think you missed my alt-text this time. :)
mjkj 5th Feb 2015, 4:10 PM edit delete reply
Gah, indeed I did...
prayformercy 4th Feb 2015, 8:33 PM edit delete reply
Nemi seems to have an idea, going to need everyone else to shut up so we can listen to it.That goes double for you cain. Hopefully its kill madou and take his stuff before he can betray us. :D
rufiangel 4th Feb 2015, 9:25 PM edit delete reply
Oops, I think you didn't quite make out who was talking in the last panel. XD;
prayformercy 4th Feb 2015, 9:39 PM edit delete reply
honestly i did not. THought that was a mini nemi head but i was kinda in a rush. COuld it be renault?
KAM 4th Feb 2015, 9:01 PM edit delete reply
It's called capitalism Cain. Now that you're no longer a part of the ruling elite you should become familiar with it to avoid starving. ;-)
rufiangel 4th Feb 2015, 9:26 PM edit delete reply
Haha, or he could just bum off Kylie as his sugar mama for the rest of his days. :D
KAM 5th Feb 2015, 9:10 PM edit delete reply
Cain as Kylie's boy-toy? 8-o

Well, I'd hope he would be better in bed than he is in battle.
rufiangel 5th Feb 2015, 10:13 PM edit delete reply

XD;;; Omg KAM!!!! XD;;;;

CiciEnixa 4th Feb 2015, 9:58 PM edit delete reply
Of course Kylie would charge him. In fact, she should follow up on Cain's payment (loljk). Not that I wouldn't have tried to charge him, either, and it's not even because I think he's evil.

But you know what? I think I just realized who the evil mastermind is in SF. I don't know why it took this long to realize.

rufiangel 4th Feb 2015, 10:16 PM edit delete reply
XD Technically she accepted Cain's lower payment terms (i.e. all the monies he had on him) at the time, so she can't really ask him to pay up her original offer unless she wants to be a jerk. XD;;; (though sometimes she'll want to be I'm sure XD)

Btw... you're right. ;___; omg it was so insidious even I didn't notice... ever since I added it it's been slowly encroaching upon everything with its evil bafflingness!!

(but yeah lyk srsly it's so weird)
Seabiscuit 4th Feb 2015, 10:44 PM edit delete reply
Haha, Kylie and her charging of people...D: Love that *hurk* panel. Take that! Reminds me of a time I got lost in some mmo, and someone offered to help, but only for a lot of gold...):

I love Renault already so I don't wanna be suspicious of him. But I feel like there's more to what happened with his escort... And maybe he's gonna lead them astray? Nah, I need to trust more.;D

Can't wait to see your v-day crossover! Oh my god that re-script is hilarious! Unspeakable places...Hahahahah.:D
rufiangel 5th Feb 2015, 12:43 AM edit delete reply
Yeah~ I think in MMOs it depends on which one, but in really large-scale ones I think monies are mostly expected in exchange for even the smallest of helps. ~_~ Boo.

Renault hasn't done anything~ (yet?) XD

And I know, that rescript cracked me up so hard XD;;; the words to the expressions were just so accurate bwahahaha XD
prayformercy 5th Feb 2015, 1:59 AM edit delete reply
Renault is guilty of getting nemi in trouble. Burn him.
TheD-Wrek 4th Feb 2015, 11:35 PM edit delete reply
*hurk* lol. I think I laughed a little too loud at that face while doing cardio at the gym. XD
rufiangel 5th Feb 2015, 12:43 AM edit delete reply
XD <3 I'm glad it made you work out your abs while doing cardio~~! <3 lolol, oh D. :D
Crestlinger 5th Feb 2015, 1:41 AM edit delete reply
Opportunity! If evil. Chance to make up for them saving him if not.
Yes, the rescript is on yesterday's comments.
rufiangel 5th Feb 2015, 1:50 AM edit delete reply
Hurray, thanks for confirming that :D

Hum de dum, what are Renault's intentions indeed?
prayformercy 5th Feb 2015, 7:58 AM edit delete reply
hes going to try to kill everyone and steal their cookies.
Headgamer 5th Feb 2015, 4:10 AM edit delete reply
"Actually, I have a map that will lead you right in to a tra- I meen the next Village! Ya... the Village place... full of kind villagers and deffintly far away from bandits and/or the Holy Capital's army. Totally safe! Trust me."
rufiangel 5th Feb 2015, 4:25 PM edit delete reply

Roll an Insight check on your d20, Headgamer, and I'll tell you what you can read. XD
Headgamer 6th Feb 2015, 11:18 AM edit delete reply
Dose that meen if I role high enough you'll tell me what'll happen? :D
rufiangel 6th Feb 2015, 1:34 PM edit delete reply
Headgamer 7th Feb 2015, 12:12 PM edit delete reply


...could be worse.
rufiangel 7th Feb 2015, 10:24 PM edit delete reply
As far as you can tell, Renault is honestly trying to help the party, and has no hidden agenda or intentions. XD;;;
HeSerpenty 5th Feb 2015, 4:14 PM edit delete reply
IIiiii bet this is EXACTLY WHAT RENAULT WANTS!!! >___>

Caain! I love you and your good heart <3333
Lol and I love how matter-of-fact Kylie is XDD. I just love all your characters so much!
rufiangel 5th Feb 2015, 4:26 PM edit delete reply
Awww Serps! XD <3 Cain will come across as either nice or naiive, so I'm happy you are giving him love XD;; <3 and to Kylie, too! lol. <333 So happy when my charas get much love ;w;* *hugs* thankyewww
mjkj 5th Feb 2015, 9:14 PM edit delete reply
Oh, the new page 3 is up :D


(no alt texts @DA, though..)
rufiangel 5th Feb 2015, 10:14 PM edit delete reply
Yep! :) I'll link to the third page on Friday's update for readers to see in general~ :)

And yes, the alt-texts are exclusive to the website only~ however, the DA updates come with a separate kind of commentary from me as an artist, for people who like that sort of thing (like, I rant about how difficult certain panels were, or I talk about what the scripting process was like that for particular scene).
mjkj 6th Feb 2015, 12:07 AM edit delete reply
*looking forward to the next update* :D
Chris the Blue 17th Feb 2015, 6:53 AM edit delete reply
Chris the Blue
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