Comic 290 - It's not nice to steal

2nd Feb 2015, 12:00 PM in Chapter Five
290 - It's not nice to steal
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rufiangel 2nd Feb 2015, 12:00 PM edit delete
Happy Monday, folks! :) How's February starting off for y'all?

I managed to complete redrawing strip #0002 yesterday in the AM, phew. Er, seeing the general reaction to Tapastic here, I'm just going to link to the mirrored strip here and then link to the DA upload of it through the thumbnail below:


Thank you so much for your support, everyone! :) See you guys on Wednesday!

image (Please click to go to the DA journal entry that describes this in more detail :)

Seabiscuit 2nd Feb 2015, 12:05 PM edit delete reply
Hahah oh my god I love this guy already. He's so cute. And wow, so fast to catch Nemi!
That worry about them being bandits...Too cute! And those expressions! :D
(Ohhh, the re-done page! Awesome...:D)
rufiangel 2nd Feb 2015, 3:23 PM edit delete reply
Did I?? XDD TEE HEE! I set it to automatically update today - I usually TRY to update it on Mondays earlier to make up for the weekend wait, but the past few weeks I didn't quite manage. XD; It's been a while since I actually met my own deadline, hurray! :D

Hurray, I'm glad you like Renault! XD; The catching Nemi thing was more of a perception thing than a speed thing, btw. :) His perception roll was high enough to detect Nemi's stealth, which is no mean feat. Fluke? Maybe? XD;

And thank you re:re-done page! XD; I do feel like progress is slow on that but slooowly getting there! (2 done, 19 more to go ~_~...)
Headgamer 2nd Feb 2015, 12:35 PM edit delete reply
So he's fast enough to intercept Nemi and mindfull enough to notice her, but is somehow so helpless he has been crying and begging for help for three pages now.

Yup, deff evil. At best he's a bandit himself and is going to backstab them or set them up for his team. At worst he's working for Able. Either way there is no way he is what he seems.
rufiangel 2nd Feb 2015, 3:24 PM edit delete reply
I may have to clarify this several times XD

When it comes to detecting whether someone is trying to steal from you, it depends on your perception rather than speed to see if you have the reflexes to catch the thief. :) So basically Renault has a high perception score, if Nemi's thieving abilities are considered top-rate. Or maybe Renault rolled a fluke crit XD who knows?
Prayformercy 2nd Feb 2015, 3:44 PM edit delete reply
I can agree that it would take perception to notice nemi, but id argue it would take high reflexes/speed to snag her arm while in the act as weve seen her literally pick-pocket Sho IN THE AIR as she jumps by him if memory serves.
rufiangel 2nd Feb 2015, 3:59 PM edit delete reply
Hahaha, this is true. But like I said, either Nemi rolled a crappy roll, or Renault rolled high on perception. It could be a fluke. Or, maybe it's a bit of both. Who knows? XD;
Prayformercy 2nd Feb 2015, 4:03 PM edit delete reply
Call it what you want,Hes probably evil, he laid a hand on nemi, made her sad, and got her in trouble with kylie, he must die ;_;
Headgamer 3rd Feb 2015, 1:33 AM edit delete reply
What Prayformercy said. Perception (I said mindfull XD) to catch the fact she's trying to steal from him, but speed to catch her arm before she can even do it.

I mean, I see what your saying that speed and sneak don't go hand in hand and it could be that if she moves a bit slower she can be even sneaker... however you'd think if he started moving to grab her hand she would notice and with her supper speed move away... unless he's quicker. It could be luck... Or things could not be as they seem. As you noted below I'm scoring 95% chance for a "things are not as they seam" roll. ;)

Maybe he's not evil. It's true he could just be a simple merchant with a high perception to stop thieves at his stand. However he is effectively getting the whole party to lower it's guard and putting himself in a great position to backstab them. He's also skilled enough to stop Nemi from looking at his items and finding something incriminating... If he's not working for Able then Able should hire him.

Also. What type of shrewd businessman is so wimpy? Even if he's not evil it must be an act to get them to help. If he was such a pushover he'd go out of business. I think we saw the real him for a sec when he caught Nemi. That face seems more in line.
Outlaw 2nd Feb 2015, 12:37 PM edit delete reply
Dude's got some serious reflexes... I'm looking forward to seeing him in combat ;-)
rufiangel 2nd Feb 2015, 3:25 PM edit delete reply
Hahaha, Renault says himself he is not much of a fighter... who knows what that means, right? XD;

(hehe... so happy IKTH is updating again btw <3)
Roberrt 2nd Feb 2015, 8:11 PM edit delete reply
I can... see him having really good reflexes and perception, but having other issues. Some people only respond like that for what they really care about protecting, and it is only at those times they show any ability toward combat.
Personally, I'm imagining him spinning around and flailing well out of range of things, trying to not get hit more than anything... and thus getting so dizzy he falls down. Of course, this turns on his internal frustration waterworks :P
Prayformercy 2nd Feb 2015, 1:07 PM edit delete reply
so not going to say i called it, but an evil storm is brewing people.
rufiangel 2nd Feb 2015, 3:27 PM edit delete reply
After I made such a fuss about this chapter saying enigmatic things like "No one is leaving this chapter unscathed!" I suppose it'd be a huge letdown if nothing at all went wrong. XD;;; Next page: they're out of Fracture Pass and saying goodbye to Renault. LOL
mjkj 2nd Feb 2015, 1:59 PM edit delete reply

Poor Nemi... look at her face getting caught... *hugs her*

(...and wow, early update...)

PS: @alt text: I believe it is the latter because Kylie would have been also quite interested in what Renault is hiding...

rufiangel 2nd Feb 2015, 3:28 PM edit delete reply
Hehe, I actually do try to update earlier on Mondays to make up for the weekend wait - it's just that I've been failing hard at achieving this the past few weeks. XD;; Sorry about the inconsistency there!

Nemi has very rarely been caught at thievery so this has been a bit of a shock to her system, is all. XD;

Who says Renault is hiding anything? ;)
Prayformercy 2nd Feb 2015, 4:32 PM edit delete reply
*raises hand* Hes hiding something.
Headgamer 3rd Feb 2015, 1:54 AM edit delete reply
95% sure he's hiding something.
mjkj 3rd Feb 2015, 4:50 AM edit delete reply
He sure is hiding something... - if that is important or valuable is another thing...
Crestlinger 2nd Feb 2015, 5:44 PM edit delete reply
One potential blood source for the chapter cover: Renault revealed evil, slices Kylie's (If that Is her at least) hair, missing a decapitation, then pureed, thus generating the shocked expressions of those others involved (who haven't actually Seen someone bleed out, Seia would likely just blink).
However, everything from someone getting amputated to a Thowmp on the unlucky merchant is still fair game.
rufiangel 2nd Feb 2015, 10:48 PM edit delete reply
Hahaha, if you look at some of the comments made in the comment section of the chapter cover and see some of my responses, you may get a clearer idea of what all the blood was indicating. :) That said, you don't have to; the chapter will speak for it eventually~
KAM 2nd Feb 2015, 6:43 PM edit delete reply
He's worried they're bandits because of Nemi, but if he knew Cain was an attempted murderer and Nemi destroyed a village he'd be running through the nearest wall like a cartoon character. :-D
rufiangel 2nd Feb 2015, 10:49 PM edit delete reply
XD I was like, 'what? Nemi destroyed a village? O_o That's news to me!' and then I realised you must have meant Kylie, LOL.

Little band of 'heroes' indeed...
KAM 3rd Feb 2015, 8:26 PM edit delete reply
D'oh! Yep, I meant Kylie.
LeRenardRoux 2nd Feb 2015, 8:25 PM edit delete reply
OH SNAP. Lightning reflexes!!
rufiangel 2nd Feb 2015, 10:50 PM edit delete reply
Surprisingly, right? XD
Guest 2nd Feb 2015, 9:04 PM edit delete reply
My lord, those reflexes. That's probably how he managed to avoid getting chomped by the chompy wraiths. I think he's evil. He doesn't know Nemi, and yet immediately assumed she was stealing despite her not being able to even touch him yet. He either seriously distrusts them (and is hiding this very well), or he knows about them.

rufiangel 2nd Feb 2015, 10:53 PM edit delete reply
Hey Cici! Dang, maybe I should pull that code-thingy you told me about before so guests don't look so... anonymous. XDD

To be fair, Renault knew she was trying to steal because she was reaching for the item bag I didn't draw in the panel LOLOL XDD Sorry... *hides*

But yes, it seems the general consensus is that Renault must be evil. All he's done so far is apologise, cry tears of gratitude and then stop Nemi from committing a crime, and he has been branded. XD;;;; Poor Renault.
Prayformercy 2nd Feb 2015, 11:40 PM edit delete reply
He got nemi in trouble. Pure evil.
TheD-Wrek 3rd Feb 2015, 3:08 AM edit delete reply
Omg, so pretty. Love the that last panel. XD

Great job in the redone pg 2 as well! :D
rufiangel 3rd Feb 2015, 11:23 AM edit delete reply
Ehehehe, thank you D!! :D <3

I liked drawing the last panel, too XD <333
Jarvi 3rd Feb 2015, 5:54 AM edit delete reply
Omg those sad eyes of his when he caught Nemi stealing. I'm totally sold to this guy.. I love him and I really don't want him to be a bad guy .T____T. *sobs* he's probably faking .T____T.
rufiangel 3rd Feb 2015, 11:24 AM edit delete reply
Awww Saari-nii! XD; Renault hasn't done anything wrong yet, right? (... yet?)

I'm happy you like him though XD it's good to have a balanced(?) opinion of him from the reader comments ahahaha
Proxy170 3rd Feb 2015, 10:40 AM edit delete reply
WHOA did not expect him to be able to do that!
rufiangel 3rd Feb 2015, 11:25 AM edit delete reply
;D ehehehe~

Three pages and he's already making people stare at him XD (many in suspicion lol)
Allzephyr 3rd Feb 2015, 11:01 AM edit delete reply
Alright! I finally found someone willing to lend me their paypal account and donated 20 dollars. More chocolate for the elves, woohooo! Assuming it worked...
Nevermind though, the new old pages look great by the way.
rufiangel 3rd Feb 2015, 11:27 AM edit delete reply
The elves are cheering and dancing in delight! O_O Wah, you had to go through such trouble to donate! Thank you so so much, I really really appreciate it!! <333 *hug*

And hurray, I'm glad you're liking the new old pages~~! XD;

Could you kindly let me know your email address so I can send you stuff? :) You can PM it to me on CF, or email me it (same email as Paypal account).

HeSerpenty 5th Feb 2015, 10:50 AM edit delete reply
YOu update so often I forget when I do and don't comment! LOL

Okay.... I have a feelin this new guy miiiiight just be a bad guy >___>
There are a lot of things that make me think this XD (which will be hilarious he's really a good guy XDD)

Poor Nemi!! Her little face awww <3333-- how embarrassing!
rufiangel 5th Feb 2015, 4:29 PM edit delete reply
XD Serpy~~ *hugs* XD Comments from you are gifts I'm blessed to receive <333 XD

This new guy has been stoned by readers already so hard. XD;;; Poor Renault...

And Nemi is a little shell shocked at having been caught, hahaha XD she's rarely ever caught! But a little failure will probably go a long way in making her an even sneakier thief. XD;;;