If you've ever thought about supporting Serpamia Flare - bless you! ;3;* Thank you so much for considering it!
Any money raised through readers go straight to maintaining this web domain, advertising the strip and for anything like funds for new art-stuff or whatnot.
There are a number of ways to support the strip!

1) Patreon

Patreon is a way for any reader to support the strip on a monthly basis.
There are currently two tiers:
★ Bronze: grants you access to a private gallery in the forums!
 Silva: Bronze access to private gallery, plus physical sticker sheets of different SF characters every month~!
If this sounds like the kind of thing you would like, please consider supporting SF through it! :D You can click on the button for more information.

2) DLC

If you'd like to make a one-off donation, then please consider purchasing DLC.
This is more of a way for me to thank you for wanting to support SF, rather then trying to make money off extra content, to be honest. I have a number of free items as well as purchasable content available, so please feel free to take a look and download anything that you are itnerested in!

3) Paypal

If you just want to make a one-off donation straight through Paypal without having to go through any hoops, I'd hugely appreciate the donation. ;3;* You can do that by sending what you want to my gmail account, which is my Paypal account. Thank you so much!
Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Normally, I am not open to accepting commissions, save for special circumstances. So I'm really sorry if you thought about supporting me by buying a commission from me! :< When I do run commissions, it's usually for a specific cause, and you'll see me advertise it everywhere whenever that's available. :) I'm a ham like that.