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You can also check out Serpamia Flare on its page.


If you guys want to pop out of this space into another time-consuming spot, I recommend any of the following places. They're not in any particular order and it's certainly not an exhaustive list, but just throwin' them out there. :)


Aether: Earth and Sun

Blood is Mine


Dirty Drift


From Dust to Ruination

Heart of Keol

I Killed the Hero?!

Johnny Wander

Megan Kearney's Beauty and the Beast


Now Hiring

Pow! Right in the Nostalgia

Project Arc

Raining Knives

RPG World: Fan Revival


Serpents of Old


Table Titans

The Seventh Re:Set

The Tale of a Disappointing Land Shark

The Wolf at Weston Court

Twenty-four Seven

Twilight Trust

Twin Lights

Visual Diary of My Life

Waste of Time

Wastelanders Anonymous


(Completed) Immigrant (NSFW)

(Completed) May The Rain Come

(Completed) Strays

(Completed) Kid Radd

(Completed) Girls with Slingshots

(Completed) Octopus Pie


DnD Podcasts

Critical Hit

Crit Juice

The Adventure Zone


And in case anyone wonders: none of these are link trades. I'm just recommending what I personally read or listen to!

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