Comic 552 - Somethin' bad

28th Dec 2017, 11:00 PM in Chapter Eight
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552 - Somethin' bad
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rufiangel 28th Dec 2017, 11:00 PM edit delete
Hey everyone! :D I hope you've all been having a wonderful holiday so far this week! <3

So sorry for the delays in updates as of late -v- I appreciate your patience! ;v;*)/

If you missed the holiday art, please head back a page and check out the A/N - from both CiciEnixa and yours truly :D

The next update is going to go up on the 1st of January. Yes, you heard that right - SF isn't taking a break then, either, so you can expect an update then XD (as well as my 2017 year-end wrap-up, as per tradition!).

I'm quite behind on comments but I do hope to be able to catch up before the next update. I hope you enjoy today's update - thanks so much for reading! ;v;*



mjkj 28th Dec 2017, 11:01 PM edit delete reply
Poor Nemi... =O

*hugs Rufi* thank you so much for sharing and keeping us updated...
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 2:45 PM edit delete reply
No worries! :) thank you for reading!
megados 29th Dec 2017, 1:55 AM edit delete reply
Here's hoping Nemi is as fast as I think she is! O.O

Everything gets crazy around the Holidays; don't worry about the timing of your various endeavors!
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 2:47 PM edit delete reply
She's fast indeed, but even Nemi doesn't have a 100% dodge rate when she's caught off-guard by a huge behemoth :'D

And thank you always for your kind understanding ;v;*)/
Karinite 29th Dec 2017, 1:57 AM edit delete reply
Nemii Pwease be careful. ^^'
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 2:47 PM edit delete reply
She tries her best to be this time around but :'D
Gilrandir 29th Dec 2017, 2:48 AM edit delete reply
When the Behemoth asked the party "What are you gonna do about this?" Nemi gave an evasive answer. ^_^
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 2:48 PM edit delete reply
She certainly did... Initially XD;;; it waved aside her response?
Proxy170 29th Dec 2017, 4:23 AM edit delete reply
Awww such a cute holiday art piece <3

Poor Nemi can't catch a break in this fight, she's been close to a big hit before. But if anyone is gonna dodge it, it'd be her!
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 2:49 PM edit delete reply
I'm glad you liked it! <3

To be fair she jumped in herself the first time around XD;; at least this time she has an excuse that isn't her fault lolol
MST3KFan 29th Dec 2017, 5:36 AM edit delete reply
If Nemi were like a cat, she'd probably have used up a number of her nine lives at this point in the fight. ^_^;;

Nemi, run! Use you super sneaky abilities!
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 2:50 PM edit delete reply
She does try her best! In all her agile feline quality XD;
Jarvi 29th Dec 2017, 5:41 AM edit delete reply
Uh oh, Nemii :o Someone save her!
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 3:21 PM edit delete reply
Well, we got healers at bay, so no worries right?.... Right? :P
Matt Knab 29th Dec 2017, 6:27 AM edit delete reply
Matt Knab
Eep, he's charging his attack. Either take him down or duck and cover!
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 3:22 PM edit delete reply
That was all it was actually, just an attack that could break through fortified barriers in one shot XD; but yes, dodging is good advice if you can wing it :')
CiciEnixa 29th Dec 2017, 8:51 AM edit delete reply
See, I KNEW that laxness from the fuzzy bby was a terrible sign!

Nemi, if there was any point in this fight for you to run as fast as your little legs can carry you away from this blast zone, that time would be NOW!!!

(On the side, Razor Helix is an amazing attack name XD)
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 3:26 PM edit delete reply
She tried, she really did :'D poor dear

And thank you XD <3 huehuehue. It should be next on Kylie's skill tree ;D
Crestlinger 29th Dec 2017, 2:56 PM edit delete reply
Now if Lyn can kick its jaw shut, that blast will take care of finishing it off.
If anyone can dodge stuff its her, time to Focus Nemi.
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 4:20 PM edit delete reply
That mental image is amusing XD

Nemi didn't even have time to Focus, unfortunately >_>a;;
KAM 29th Dec 2017, 6:49 PM edit delete reply
Breaks through the wall, chases Nemi up a tree. ;-)

Happy New Year!
DLKmusic 30th Dec 2017, 12:21 PM edit delete reply
I'm kinda hoping Cain will step in and use YOUR idea on how to pacify it, Kam!
KAM 30th Dec 2017, 7:32 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! :-) Although I don't think Rufi would have posted it if I had given away a plot point.
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 4:21 PM edit delete reply
Hahaha XD hey, I might have!

I'd like to see the other way around actually, Nemi chasing the Behemoth up a tree... like that bear running away from a cat video lolol XD

Happy New Year :D
Seabiscuit 29th Dec 2017, 8:56 PM edit delete reply
Time to skedaddle!! D:

(Gosh the skill names just get more and more badass~~)
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 4:22 PM edit delete reply
Aw thank you seamuffin! <3 :D

"Skidaddle" should be a skill name too XD
Macheman7 31st Dec 2017, 11:53 AM edit delete reply
Nemi, defend! Defeeend! ;-;
Come on 8% Dodge Chance, this is your time! ;---;
rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 4:23 PM edit delete reply
She's a looot better at dodging than defending, I'll say that much XD where'd that 8% come from?? XDD

But yes, she does try her best ;v;* she dodges black batmoles a lot better than black behemoths, sadly XD;;;
The Accidental Ninja 2nd Jan 2018, 11:31 PM edit delete reply
The Accidental Ninja
Oh dear, hang in there Nemi...

rufiangel 3rd Jan 2018, 4:25 PM edit delete reply